Mazzu: "I don't fear for my job"

SUNDAY, 11 SEPTEMBER 2022, 22:27 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Like Lior Refaelov, coach Felice Mazzu felt that his team did not bring enough intensity this afternoon. "However, there was no lack of good will," the coach stated afterwards. "Whether my group has too little quality? No. We do miss maturity."

Mazzu called the victory of Westerlo deserved. "We played too convulsively, both in the technical aspect, in the timing of playing the ball and in taking responsibility. It's a combination of factors. As a result, we lacked confidence."

Where Refaelov says there is too little commitment from the players, Mazzu says that is not a problem. "I don't think there is too little life in the group. Or that there is too little will to create chances."

Of course, the crisis word also dropped and the question came up of whether Mazzu fears for his job. "I am not concerned with what others say and do not fear for my job. I have to work hard now and help my team. We have to regain confidence."

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