Colassin: "It was better to leave"

WEDNESDAY, 28 SEPTEMBER 2022, 19:34 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Antoine Colassin had the goal to play with the first team of RSC Anderlecht, but unfortunately he didn't get the playing time he would have liked and so he took the decision to leave on loan with an option to buy to Heerenveen.

He had no intention of playing with RSCA Futures, he chose the Eredivise because he thought it was better for his development. He also did not want a leadership role in this U23 team.
He feels that there is more room in the Netherlands for a striker to develop than in Belgium. There is more space in the Dutch league, he says. No one in the staff was against his departure.
He thought he had made a big impression during the preparation, he felt a big disappointment after that. The coach made his choices and he was not part of it, Felice Mazzu was very honest with him.
He was surprised by the departure of Vincent Kompany, he was on vacation when it happened. He held him in high esteem even though he had almost no playing time during his reign as coach. This period allowed him to question himself, he concludes.

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