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THURSDAY, 29 SEPTEMBER 2022, 21:19 - lajoya
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OTHER Both Het Nieuwsblad and Het Laatste Nieuws these days picked up figures about the declining spectator numbers in our highest league. Anderlecht does not escape this either. Purple-White is even one of the clubs that is declining the most.

Het Nieuwsblad yesterday compared the first eight playing days of the 2019-2020 season (just before corona) with the first eight playing days of the current season. Whereas three years ago Anderlecht had an average of 17,700 spectators, this year there are only 13,400, according to the newspaper. A drop of 24.3 percent.

Het Laatste Nieuws comes today with a comparison of the first nine playing days from the same two seasons. There the figures are even more striking. They state that the number of spectators per game at Anderlecht fell from 17,913 to 10,780. A drop of 39.8 percent.

At the other first division teams, the numbers are also going down (sometimes sharply).


The causes listed by the newspapers are similar. The irregular and often very poor starting times of matches. The late communication about this. The economic crisis and the lack of financial resources to spend. The discovery by supporters that matches are also enjoyable to follow on TV at home.

Reaction Pro League

The Pro League realizes that there is a problem. However, they are nuancing. President Lori*n Parys makes the comparison between today's matches and the same confrontations three years ago. According to him, the drop seen over all clubs then amounts to only 7 percent. The newspapers arrive at 19.3 to 20 percent in their comparison of the first playing days.

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