"We are waiting impatiently for that déclic".

WEDNESDAY, 5 OCTOBER 2022, 18:42 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS A lot of optimism at Felice Mazzu ahead of tomorrow's match. In fact, the coach has every faith that his team could well stunt against West Ham, and above all, he hopes that that déclic will come.

Mazzu stands by his positive summary of the game against Charleroi last Sunday. "We should have won that one, I continue to have that feeling," Mazzu said.

The coach also did not pick up any negative vibes in the group after Sunday's game. Everyone feels that they are on the right track and that déclic should come sooner or later. If at all possible, preferably early and tomorrow against West Ham.

"We are waiting for that victory that can launch us, why not against West Ham?" said Mazzu.

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