"Veldman will be our head coach someday, but not yet"

WEDNESDAY, 16 NOVEMBER 2022, 13:13 - lajoya
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OTHER During Jesper Fredberg's press presentation, chairman Wouter Vandenhaute also spoke about Robin Veldman's position. "We see in him a modern Jean Dockx," Vandenhaute said. "In the coming years he has to guarantee continuity between the first team, the Futures and the academy."

"Yesterday we had a dinner with Robin and Jesper Fredberg to prepare for the next weeks and months," Vandenhaute began. "Robin wants to stay with us as an assistant coach. He clearly has the ambition to become head coach of Anderlecht one day, but not yet today. The club shares that ambition with him, but it won't be for the next few years."

"Robin chooses to stay close to the Futures in the coming years, in the role of assistant, and follow up the academy. We see in Robin a modern Jean Dockx and he himself sees it that way. That he himself suggested becoming an assistant means that he has become a man of the club in the short term. He wants to be important for Anderlecht in the coming years and be part of the process of bringing Anderlecht back up."

As long as there is no new head coach, Veldman will assume the duties of head coach. "He prepares the training camp and does so from the role of assistant coach. With great commitment to the club and as someone who will ensure continuity between the first team, the Futures and the academy in the coming years."

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