Three injured players at RSCA Futsal

FRIDAY, 2 DECEMBER 2022, 12:46 - lajoya
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INJURIES RSCA Futsal will face Besiktas Gent on tonight at the Belleheide Center in Roosdaal. At stake is a place in the quarterfinals of the Belgian Cup. This will be the first time the players play at home after their performance in the Champions League

Normally, the cup game against Besiktas Gent, a second division team, should not be a problem for Anderlecht. However, coach Luca Cragnaz will have to do without three players. 

"Roninho" no longer in plaster
Ronald Mateus De Silva was injured against Barcelona. "In a duel with Dyego, I injured the ligaments in my ankle. At first we feared they were completely torn, but that turns out not to be the case. In Croatia, my foot was put in a cast. An operation was not necessary. I might not be able to play again until the end of January, but that's still sooner than expected."

Rescia suffers from back pain 
Maximiliano Rescia (pictured) will also not play. "I suffered from a fractured vertebra for a long time. The medical staff got me back on top for the Champions League.  Now that we have reached the Final Four, I can take my time to recover. On Sunday, I will return to my home country, Argentina. There I can be treated by the doctors of the national team. Then I hope to be fit again in January."

Muscle injuries for "Edu
The third injured player is Eduardo Mello Borges. He is suffering from two muscle injuries. "Against Pula I played for a while, but it didn't last long. For me too, rest is the only remedy. Fortunately, we have a big core, so we should be able to deal with all those injuries against Besiktas Gent without problems."

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