Case over rigged sale goes to correctional court

WEDNESDAY, 25 JANUARY 2023, 10:27 - lajoya
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OTHER Marc Coucke previously made it clear that one thing and another were not handled honestly by the old board, in the sale of RSC Anderlecht. The federal public prosecutor's office has now also asked the Brussels chambers to refer the case to the correctional court. In total, prosecution is requested for 11 individuals and three companies.

The charges are not the least: fraud, swindling, forgery....
Herman Van Holsbeeck is said to have already admitted during previous interrogations that fraud was committed in the sale of RSC Anderlecht. Other former directors, for whom prosecution has been requested, are Roger Vanden Stock, Jo Van Biesbroeck, René Trullemans, Christophe Henrotay and a partnership of his, Innovation Limited.

The main issue is that current owner Marc Coucke, would have paid far too much for the club, to obtain this, false figures were shown, among other things.

On February 14, the court will decide whether or not to refer the entire case to the criminal court.

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