Anderlecht secures victory in second half

SUNDAY, 12 FEBRUARY 2023, 23:45 - lajoya
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GAMES Anderlecht deservedly won 3-1 against a stiff STVV. Anderlecht had plenty of ball possession before half-time, but failed to score. After half-time, Anderlecht stepped up a gear on the hour. With a bit of luck, Raman opened the scoring after a long ball from Debast. In the closing stages Anderlecht climbed to 3-0 through goals by Slimani and Dreyer. STVV mitigated with a nice shot by Bruno. With this win, Anderlecht hooks the middle of the pack and is again in the running for the top eight.

After a minute and a half, Amuzu already created some danger. His shot disappeared wide of Schmidt's goal. STVV, however, as we know, had not come to have an open day. Anderlecht got the ball, but there was no chance. STVV also started to leave the hedgehog position at times after 20 minutes. Five minutes later, Verschaeren had the first big chance. Refaelov played him cleverly, but the angle was too sharp and Schmidt saved with his foot. Moments later, Raman reacted quickly, but Schmidt was on hand. In minute 37, Refaelov and Amuzu combined, but the effort again went wide. More movement up front and speed of action was needed to break through the yellow wall after half-time.

Just after half-time, Sardella let himself off too easily at first and Hashioka was able to cross. On the corner that followed, Hara headed over from a good position. At the other end, an effort by Dreyer was blocked and Raman deviated a cross wide. Schmidt also had to clear a placing ball from Sardella out of the corner.

On the hour, Purple White started to play faster. A Verschaeren ball went just wide. But then they deservedly opened the scoring through Raman, who was lucky enough to score quickly after a long ball from Debast. With a narrow lead, it is always watchful. Verbruggen briefly scared the crowd by hitting a cross badly.

But the match was decided in five minutes in the closing stages. In minute 80, Slimani, filling in for Raman, opened his account by heading the 2-0 hard in on Amuzu's cross. Two minutes later, STVV were completely in the ropes. Slimani cleverly served Verschaeren. Schmidt saved the shot, but Dreyer could still work the rebound into goal. In the closing stages, Purple White gave STVV a bit too much space. This allowed Bruno, who was surprisingly a substitute, to ease to 3-1 with a clever escape shot. In extra time, Schmidt had to dive another Murillo free kick out of goal.

A deserved win for Purple and White who, despite the late goal, had everything under control defensively. After the European trip to Bulgaria, another important match awaits in Kortrijk. If Anderlecht wants to keep looking upwards, it knows what has to happen.

Score: 3-1
Goal(s):1-0 Raman 65', 2-0 Slimani 80', 3-0 Dreyer 82', 3-1 Bruno 87

Anderlecht:Verbruggen, Murillo, Debast, Vertonghen, Sardella, Ashimeru (Diawara 76'), Verschaeren (Leoni 88'), Refaelov, Amuzu (Arnstad 88'), Dreyer, Raman (Slimani 76')
STVV:Schmidt, Hashioka, Koita (Bocat 89'), Hayashi (Bruno 64'), Reitz, Bauer, Janssens, Teixeira, Boya (Dumont 64'), Okazaki (Konate 89'), Hara

Yellow: Ashimeru 33', Bauer 43'

Referee: Bert Put
Stadium: Lotto Park

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