"Villareal favorite, but we hope for miracle"

THURSDAY, 16 MARCH 2023, 18:09 - emjomi
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INTERVIEWS After the 1-1 in the outward match, Villareal has the best chance to advance, according to the betting shops. Sixty versus forty percent. According to CEO Sports Jesper Fredberg, that is a positive assessment for Anderlecht. "Villareal is number six in Spain, plays at home and has a much bigger budget. Are clear favorites."

But anything is possible in soccer, and that's what Fredberg is hoping for. "We can perform a miracle," he says. "We told our players to enjoy ourselves above all. A European eighth final against Villareal, that's not an everyday occurrence hehe." Fredberg thinks / hopes that this will be a match that people will still remember 15 years from now.

Although he sees Villareal as favorites, the Danish CEO has a lot of confidence in his team. The past two duels he thought Anderlecht was tremendously strong. He even calls the match against Cercle Anderlecht's best match since his arrival. "Only we should have finished it faster. Then we could have scored two or three more goals."

According to Fredberg, you can see the team evolving. "We are only at the beginning, we are barely three months in," he says. What he wants to see every week, this team is still far from that, it sounds. "We want to create a lot of chances, entertain people, but also be aggressive without the ball." Fredberg sees how players are starting to feel better and better at the way of playing soccer that the staff puts first.

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