Anderlecht wins narrowly but deservedly

MONDAY, 21 AUGUST 2023, 14:49 - lajoya
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GAMES Anderlecht won once again against Westerlo. It deservedly won 2-1 after a good first half in which Dolberg scored after only a minute. Anderlecht controlled the game and deep in the second half Vertonghen cleverly doubled the score. But just after that, Westerlo came back into the game by scoring against and it even had a great chance to equalise. In the closing stages, the home side had a few more chances, but the two goals proved to be enough.

Lightning start by Anderlecht! In the first minute, Flips was launched on the left and the Frenchman crossed perfectly to Dolberg who scored immediately. In the minutes that followed, both Dolberg and N'Diaye headed towards goal. After ten minutes, Westerlo responded for the first time through Fixelles and the Kempeners gradually got better into the game.

Just before the half-hour mark, a cross from Sardella swung dangerously towards goal, but Gillekens paid close attention. Moments later, Flips again served Dolberg, but the Dane just could not reach the ball. Raman had the biggest chance after the 1-0. He cleverly ran away to goal, but he crossed his shot wide of goal.

A solid half from Purple and White with a strong start, but after that they created a little too little concrete goal danger. The lead was never really in danger though.

As it was only 1-0, Anderlecht had to keep up. An industrious Raman shot at a bunch of Kempen legs in minute 52. Flips was offered a good chance by Dolberg, but the newcomer rate his shot. De Roeck brought on Chadli and newcomer Alcacer. Poor control from a tired Flips created a chance for Chadli who fortunately missed his shot. Vertonghen gave his side extra breathing space in minute 72. On a corner, he turned away cleverly and he kicked the 2-0 with a low shot into the far corner on the right.

But the match was not over yet. Out of nowhere, Westerlo struck back via two substitutes as Anderlecht allowed themselves to be lulled to sleep. Jordanov mitigated with a hard place ball on Matsuo's pass and less than five minutes later it was almost equal. The same Jordanov was all alone at the far post, but he headed over.

In the closing stages, substitute Vazquez showed a couple of times. The narrow lead kept things exciting again until the final whistle, especially as Amuzu and Stroeykens childishly shot at goal from a favourable position.

This way Anderlecht made it nine on nine, but it still became unnecessarily exciting at the end because of an avoidable goal against and by not finishing the chances themselves. Moreover, Westerlo also missed a great chance for the equaliser. Next weekend, Purple White will play at home again, this time against Charleroi.

Score: 2-1
Goal(s):1-0 Dolberg (1'), 2-0 Vertonghen (72'), 2-1 Jordanov (81')

Anderlecht:Dupé, Sardella, Debast, Vertonghen, N'Diaye, Diawara, Rits (Kana 83'), Leoni, Raman (Amuzu 61'), Flips (Stroeykens 70'), Dolberg (Vazquez 83')
Westerlo:Gillekens, Reynolds, Neustadter, Perdichizzi, Tagir (Jordanov 46'), Mebude (Matsuo 46'), Fixelles (Chadli 67'), Madsen (Gouré 87'), Van den Keybus, Frigan (Alcocer 67'), Stassin

Yellow: Diawara 45'+1, Fixelles 52', Madsen 74', Jordanov 87'

Referee: Jonathan Lardot
Stadium: Lotto Park

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