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MONDAY, 4 SEPTEMBER 2023, 19:24 - lajoya
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GAMES Anderlecht played 1-1 in Genk in an animated match in which a lot of cards were drawn. However, purple and white played almost the entire match against ten men after two quick yellow for Bah. Still, Genk remained the more dangerous team and Anderlecht could hardly threaten. After half-time, Anderlecht played slightly better and substitute Amuzu scored the 0-1 goal. Vazquez almost scored as well. But in the long extra time, substitute Tolu headed the equaliser just before the final whistle. In itself, a draw at Genk is not a bad result, but giving away the win in the closing stages against ten men is obviously a disappointment.

Genk played another very long game in Europe on Thursday night, but the Limburgers took control of the game right away. Referee Van Driessche quickly gave Vertonghen and Bah unnecessary yellow for a riot not even worthy of the name. After a quarter of an hour, the same Bonsu Bah intervened late on Delaney and the young striker was immediately shown his second yellow card. Augustinsson had the first opportunity for Purple and White, but the Swede could not hit the cross properly. 

Even with a man less, Genk remained dangerous and Vertonghen had to block an attempt by Paintsil. On the half-hour, Anderlecht did have their first good combination. Augustinsson's cross was headed towards goal by Dolberg, but not powerfully enough. Meanwhile, Delaney and Debast also had yellow behind their names. Anderlecht had a slightly better phase with half-time approaching. Cross Augustinsson and Dolberg now headed wide of goal from a difficult position. Purple and white did have to watch out for Genk's speed. Indeed, Paintsil broke dangerously and after a long run his shot still hit the post.

Anderlecht did not have an easy time in the nervous first half, even against ten players. Big away chances fell just short and Anderlecht were lucky that Paintsil's shot ended up on the post.

The first facts after half-time were again (justified) yellow cards for Anderlecht, this time for Flips and Rits. Anderlecht took control more, but that only resulted in a shot by Debast. Genk leaned back but did get a huge chance in minute 68. Heynen headed, but the leather rebounded via the ground over goal.

Riemer brought on Amuzu and Vazquez in minute 68. Not much later, Amuzu came in and popped the ball very cleverly into the far corner in goal. Vazquez, the other substitute, had two good opportunities to make it 0-2 around minute 80. First he was just a step short of tapping the ball into goal, then Vandevoordt cleverly stopped his header.

As in quasi every game, with seven minutes, there was a big countdown in terms of extra playing time. In minute 96, substitute Sor had another great chance, but he kicked over the ball. But Anderlecht would still give the victory away this time. After stupid ball loss in midfield, Tolu could effortlessly head a Munoz cross into goal at the far post. So kick the ball away if necessary if you are not sure of a point of contact. Maybe leave Delaney on the pitch after all?

A disappointing end to a disappointing match. Anderlecht failed to create any chances at all and scored through a flash of Amuzu. Even against ten men, Genk remained more dangerous and created opportunities much more easily. Also notable was the weak performance of referee Van Driessche, who himself contributed to the nervous and heated atmosphere on the pitch. On the next matchday (after the international games), Purple-White have to go to Kortrijk and there they cannot be anything but satisfied with three points.

Score: 1-1
Goal(s):0-1 Amuzu (72'), 1-1 Tolu (90+7)
Genk: Vandevoordt, McKenzie (Kayembe 85'), Arteaga, Cuesta, Munoz, Heynen, Oyen, Galarza, El Khannouss (Sor 76'), Paintsil (Tolu 82'), Bonsu Bah
Anderlecht: Dupé, Sardella, Debast, Vertonghen, Augustinsson (N'Diaye 55'), Delaney (Diawara 90+3'), Rits, Leoni, Flips (Amuzu 68'), Dreyer (Stroeykens 90+3'), Dolberg (Vazquez 68').

Yellow: Bonsu Bah 8', Vertonghen 8', Bonsu Bah 16', Delaney 24', Debast 32', Flips 49', Rits 54', Munoz 85', Cuesta 89', Vazquez 89', Heynen 90'.
Red: Bonsu Bah (2x geel 16')

Referee: Bram Van Driessche
Stadium: Cegeka Arena

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