"Two first-choice goalkeepers rarely a success"

SATURDAY, 16 SEPTEMBER 2023, 10:30 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS After a good start to the season for Anderlecht, Maxime Dupé will face competition from Kasper Schmeichel. The rivalry between the RSCA goalkeepers will be intense. The pressure is on the French goalkeeper's shoulders. 

"It's terrible for Dupé, who has done his job very well since the start of the season and is in danger of being relegated to the bench after six league games for no reason," explained Jacky Munaron, who believes the Danish goalkeeper will become Brian Riemer's first-choice keeper. "It probably would have been less painful and unfair if they had been in competition from the start of preparation."

"Schmeichel absolutely has to play to go to the European Championship. Dupé must persevere and not give up. In a year's time he can regain his N1 status," said Filip De Wilde, who also believes the Danish international will be number one in goal against Kortrijk.

"It's always very dangerous in this situation," says Silvio Proto. "Having two first-choice goalkeepers rarely works. The former RSCA goalkeeper does not see Schmeichel coming to Lotto Park to sit on the bench. 

Managing the league 

"When the results follow, nobody will talk about the goalkeeping problem anymore," Munaron continued. "And if one of them gets injured, everyone will be happy to have two real No1s. On the other hand, if the results are less good or if one of them starts making mistakes, it can become a vicious circle. It is mainly the mindset of those involved that has to make the difference."

"Whether it's Fredberg, Riemer or the goalkeeper coach, the message has to be clear and honest from the start," warns De Wilde.

"Dupé and Schmeichel will have to deal with this situation as adults. Young goalkeeper coach Justin Merz (30), who arrived at Anderlecht this summer, will not be able to help them. I do not question his coaching skills, but he does not have the experience to get everyone on the same page and deal with the frustrations of both sides," Silvio Proto concluded.

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