Riemer: 'Ball possession is not my priority'

SATURDAY, 16 SEPTEMBER 2023, 10:48 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS During yesterday afternoon's press conference at Anderlecht, Brian Riemer gave his opinion on Jesper Fredberg's work this summer.  "What a wonderful world!" That's how you could paraphrase his assessment of RSCA's mercato: wonderful. "I'm happy."

What role does Riemer see for Thorgan Hazard ?
"Thorgan can sensibly run between the opponent's lines. He can do so from a position on the flank or from a central role. We have shown that we can be very flexible when it comes to organising our midfield. Moreover, thanks to his ball possession, we can also use Thorgan to get out from under the opponent's pressure."

Brian Riemer had to answer the question of whether he should adapt his football philosophy to Thorgan Hazard. The Red Devil is a player who loves the ball, or at least demands that the team has the ball.
Under Riemer, Anderlecht have averaged 48% ball possession in six league games this season. This is not the kind of football Thorgan Hazard is comfortable with.

"Every game had a different identity. Thorgan has the qualities needed to change that image. He can help us stay in possession of the ball for longer. But I want to make one thing clear: it is not my intention to have more ball possession than the opponent every game. Ball possession is not my priority. If I have to choose between a lot of ball possession but no chances and less ball possession but chances, I will choose the second option.

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