Dreyer saves point in last minute

TUESDAY, 19 SEPTEMBER 2023, 14:16 - emjomi
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GAMES Anderlecht was close to losing at Kortrijk. substitute Anders Dreyer saved Anderlecht from defeat with a nice 2-2 in the last minute of extra time. In an animated match (usually so at Kortrijk), the home team was able to take the lead twice due to Anderlecht mistakes and both Debast and the loanee Kana got red. Anderlecht prevailed before halftime, but subsided and barely got a chance together until Dreyer struck.

The early stages were dull, but in the tenth minute Amuzu suddenly popped against the crossbar from an oblique angle after Kortrijk's ball loss. Anderlecht prevailed, but after a corner De Neve went alone with the ball after Sardella forgot to clear. The quick flank player slid the ball under Dupé in goal after a long run. Anderlecht, however, reacted immediately. Dolberg kicked towards goal and via Silva the ball landed in the far corner. Purple and White with some luck immediately equalized, but a few minutes later they were almost back in front. Dupé very cleverly cleared an Avenatti header from goal.

Kortrijk mostly crawled backwards, but Purple-White's crosses were not pure enough. Amuzu looked like he was going to score after a good attack, but his attempt was blocked just in time. Dangerous outlet Dupé almost created another chance for Kortrijk in minute 34'. Apart from a brutal foul by Avenatti (punished with yellow) and a low shot by Leoni in the closing stages, there was little to see before halftime. Purple and White headed toward the locker room with superiority, but it created too few chances. Kortrijk also made their presence felt, although it was mostly due to Anderlecht's sloppiness.

Anderlecht first seemed to control the match after halftime, but Dupé played problematic soccer again. Avenatti went to score, but Debast took the ball out of goal with his hand. Red for Debast and penalty kick for Kortrijk. A stupid (re)action by the defender, because after the converted penalty, Anderlecht could continue with ten. Riemer brought on Patris and Hazard for Rits and Flips.

Patris had a great header chance a few minutes later after a long pass from Vertonghen, but Kortrijk had gained confidence and went on the attack more. Leoni came close to equalizing in minute 72 with a surprising place ball. At the other end, Khadri shot wildly over. With Vazquez for Leoni, Riemer threw in an extra attacking pawn fifteen minutes before time. Amuzu prevented the 3-1 by defending well at the far post.

Mercenary Kana, by picking up his second yellow, rebalanced the pawns for the closing stages, but Anderlecht struggled immensely to create any chances. It even waited until the very last minute of extra time. A long ball from Sardella eventually ended up with the substitute Dreyer, who took a very good shot and managed to grab a point for Anderlecht.

Anderlecht got no further than a very poor draw at Kortrijk, which eagerly took advantage of the gifts from the pair. Just like last season, Dreyer scored handsomely at Kortrijk and because of the late goal, Paars-wit still took a point. A disappointing performance, even if we don't expect the revamped Anderlecht to immediately play everyone home. First of all, we expect no defensive fumbles and just more chances. Next week will possibly be a serious test against Club Brugge for the defense central due to Debast's suspension. Unless today's exclusion was deemed sufficient.

Score: 2-2
Goal(s):1-0 De Neve 18', 1-1 Dolberg 20', 2-1 Avenatti 56' (pen), 2-2 Dreyer 90'+6

Kortrijk:Vandenberghe, Mampassi, De Neve, Kana, Wasinski, Sissako, Silva, Ojo (Audoor 63'), Mehssatou (Mighton 90'+2), Kadri (Malinov 83'), Avenatti (El Idrissy 90'+2)
Anderlecht:Dupé, Sardella, Debast, Vertonghen, N'Diayé (Dreyer 90'), Delaney, Rits (Patris 59'), Leoni (Vazquez 76'), Amuzu, Flips (Hazard 59'), Dolberg

Yellow: Kana 33', Avenatti 41', Audoor 71', Kana 81', Mehssatou 85', Hazard 90'+5
Red: Debast 54', Kana 81' (2x yellow)

Referee: Kevin Van Damme
Stadium: Guldensporenstadion

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