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GAMES Anderlecht deservedly won 1-3 in Eupen. It started at lightning speed and scored through Dreyer after only half a minute. But it could not confirm the strong start and Eupen came alongside before half-time. In the second half Anderlecht dominated and scored through an own-goal by Paeshuyse and through the first goal by Vazquez. Although Eupen could have made it 2-2, but Nuhu missed in front of goal. That was the only feat of the Pandas after the break and so Anderlecht could celebrate again after three equal games.

Blitzstart of Anderlecht in Eupen. Leoni launched Dreyer who got a lot of space and after a run decided low in the far corner. Purple and white took the lead after less than half a minute of playing time. Rits had the chance for 0-2 in minute seven, but his attempt was a little too weak. Yet an enthusiastically started Purple-White also got a warning. Nuhu slid out when he wanted to decide alone in front of goal.

Anderlecht was unable to continue the strong start, but it did create some danger now and then. Vazquez turned well away, but shot over in minute 25. Schmeichel had to stretch well a few minutes later on a low shot by Paeshuyse. In minute 38, Eupen did score the equalizer. Nuhu hit the ball in an acrobatic way that promptly disappeared into goal. Anderlecht's good start was gummed up at this one.

Riemer shouted his head off after a sloppy pass from Dreyer. Not unfairly, as his team's play made a serious downward straightaway during the first half. Thus, Purple-White went into halftime 1-1.

After halftime, the home team created the first danger through Pantovic. Anderlecht again had more control, but the game was all a bit too sluggish. Hazard did kick low to the short corner and Augustinsson got a decent header chance on corner. In minute 65, Purple White finally got a real chance. Patris served Dryer, but the Dane decided far too weakly and too centrally. A minute later, it did hit the mark. Hazard crossed low and at the far post it was Paeshuyse who slid the ball into his own goal under pressure from Vazquez.

Eupen seemed upset for a moment. Vazquez had a chance, but kicked over, as did Rits who tried from greater distance. Schmeichel was unemployed after halftime, but suddenly Nuhu popped up in the back of Sardella and Debast. Anderlecht escaped the equalizer, as Eupen's striker aimed the ball over goal. Eupen, however, seemed to believe in its chances again because of the chance. Dreyer was given plenty of space on the counter, but shot uncontrollably over. Justin Lonwijk made his comeback after an injury and replaced Hazard.

With the closing stages approaching, Anderlecht crept backwards, but it also got a lot of space as a result. Vazquez went alone to goal in minute 88 after a mistake by Paeshuyse and the Argentine finished neatly. His first goal for Anderlecht. Like every week, seven minutes of extra time was grossly exaggerated, but Eupen realized that Anderlecht would walk away with the win and didn't create any more danger.

A solid win by Anderlecht which had to miss some players. The victory has to be confirmed next weekend against KV Mechelen.

Score: 1-3
Goal(s): 0-1 Dreyer 1', 1-1 Nuhu 38', 1-2 Paeshuyse (own) 67', 1-3 Vazquez 88'

Eupen: Slonina, Paeshuyse, Palsson, Davidson, Van Genechten (Charles-Cook 76'), Pantovic, Christie-Davis (Bitumazala 64'), Baiye (Krai 87'), Magnée, Finnbogason, Nuhu (Youndje 87')
Anderlecht: Schmeichel, Patris (Sardella 68'), Debast, Vertonghen, Augustinsson, Diawara (Arnstad 89'), Rits, Leoni, Dreyer (Stroeykens 89'), Hazard (Lonwijk 81'), Vazquez

Yellow: Christie-Davis 36', Kohfeldt 82'

Referee: Brent Staessens
Stadium: Am Kehrweg

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