Anderlecht loses after 0-2 lead

TUESDAY, 24 OCTOBER 2023, 12:46 - lajoya
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GAMES Anderlecht lost 3-2 at Standard. Anderlecht led 0-2 at halftime, but in the second half Anderlecht were shipwrecked. Standard scored three goals in ten minutes and after fifteen minutes Anderlecht hung in the ropes. Anderlecht performed weakly after halftime and couldn't make a fist anymore. Losing to Standard can always happen, but giving away a 0-2 lead should never happen.

No study round in this match. Anderlecht prodded quickly after Schmeichel launched Sardella, but Hazard had to finish too acrobatically. Rits prevented a chance for Standard. Standard had a great chance in minute twelve through Djenepo. However, the flank player shot over.

Anderlecht tried through fast breakaways. Dolberg cleverly ran free and scored in minute 18 after the Liege defense failed to neutralize Hazard's cross. Anderlecht got to 0-2 through Dryer not much later. Stroeykens won the duel on the flank and after a pinball situation centrally, Dreyer placed the ball masterfully in the corner. Standard was upset and Dryer could even score again immediately after the kickoff. But VAR offered Standard a lifeline and had the goal disallowed because the ball had involuntarily touched Leoni's hand. Lardot seemed to need a magnifying glass to notice anything.

Standard was alive though and responded on the half hour through Sowah. Schmeichel saved the Bruges mercenary's shot. Bodart cleared a hard shot by Hazard in the closing stages of extra time. Anderlecht could go to rest with a 0-2 lead, making good use of the space left by Standard.

Kanga rated the first chance after halftime by deciding weakly. The second chance for the home team was a winner. Sowah was allowed to cross too easily and Alzate was able to score after appearing to get the ball against his arm. And just as Anderlecht quickly scored twice before halftime, Standard did so after halftime. Kawabe scored the equalizer soon after with a hard shot. Thus, Purple-White's double lead was gone after only ten minutes after halftime.

Standard clearly had the moral advantage and Anderlecht sat there and looked at it. There was too meek a reaction when Ngoy was able to strike and saw his ball disappear into goal next to the post. Riemer intervened after this disastrous quarter of an hour and substituted two standouts with Hazard and Dreyer before halftime. Vazquez, Amuzu and also Arnstad (for Stroeykens) came on. Fifteen minutes before time, Flips also got another chance and Leoni became defensive midfielder.

Standard now lurked on the counter and left the ball more to Anderlecht, which was unable to respond after Standard's remonstrance. Kanga did not take advantage of a hesitation by Debast. Anderlecht was given seven more minutes to avoid defeat, but the long balls and crosses were harmless. In the last minute, Debast almost scored, but that was the last exploit of the match.

Thus, for the first time since the first match day, Purple-White loses and that after a 0-2 lead that was thrown away in no time. Losing to Standard is always possible, but not in this clumsy way please. Partly because of the defeats of other clubs, this loss is not a tragedy, but hopefully this second half will be thoroughly revisited so that the necessary lessons can be learned.

Score: 3-2
Goal(s):0-1 Dolberg 18', 0-2 Dreyer 25', 1-2 Alzate 52', 2-2 Kawabe 55', 3-2 Ngoy 61'

Standard:Bodart, Vanheusden, Bope, Ngoy, Fossey (Dewaele 80'), Djenepo (Canak 85'), Hayden, Alzate (O'Neill 90'+6), Kawabe (Price 84'), Sowah, Kanga
Anderlecht:Schmeichel, Sardella, Debast, Vertonghen, Augustinsson (N'Diaye 80'), Rits (Flips 76'), Leoni, Stroeykens (Arnstad 66'), Hazard (Vazquez 65'), Dreyer (Amuzu 65'), Dolberg

Yellow: Ngoy 50', Hazard 60', Debast 90'+1, Schmeichel 90'+2, Price 90'+5

Referee: Jonathan Lardot
Stadium: Sclessin

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