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MONDAY, 30 OCTOBER 2023, 19:25 - lajoya
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GAMES Anderlecht has sent OHL home with 5-1. It quickly fell behind, but Anders Dreyer put things in order before halftime with two goals. After halftime, Anderlecht continued their offensive with three more goals, including Dreyer's third. Thus Anderlecht wins once again at home against OHL with clever goals and reacted appropriately after last weekend's weak second half. Tuesday night awaits the cup game against La Louvière.

After Vlietinck got injured immediately after kickoff, Dolberg headed for goal after 40 seconds, but Prevot was awake. At Anderlecht, they weren't yet. OHL was allowed to combine and that ended immediately with a goal from Misao in which Schmeichel seemed to react rather late, even though the shot was tight and hard placed. Dolberg responded with a header. In minute twelve, it was Dryer who suddenly brought Anderlecht back on level terms with a clever away shot with the outside of the foot.

After the equalizer, Purple-White continued to look for the combination. OHL was equally harmless, but just after half an hour, Schmeichel had to make a save after Vertonghen let Nsingi get the better of him. In minute 42 Anderlecht took the lead after another combination. Dreyer crossed and Hazard cleverly allowed the ball to run into the corner. In the excessively long extra time, Rits defused another dangerous counter from Leuven.

After halftime, Purple-White scored the 3-1 very quickly. Augustinsson extended a free kick and Dolberg finally tapped the ball into goal. Prevot had to react to a good shot by Augustinsson. Not much later, Stroeykens was played in nicely after a combination. Anderlecht was on a roll and the youngster scored the 4-1 in a controlled manner, crowning his good match. Anderlecht (and also OHL) didn't stop there. Prevot saved a crossed shot by Dolberg and Schmeichel put his fists against a hard shot by Maertens. Dryer saw his third goal in minute 73 hit the post, but on a pass from substitute Arnstad, the Dane scored his third in minute 86. This time with yet another placement ball that landed nicely in the upper right corner. His third goal tonight outside the penalty area. Finally, another well-deserved victory for Anderlecht which allows them to await tomorrow's results from the competition.

Yet a footnote: Tuesday already awaits the cup game against the La Louvière of technical director Nicolas Frutos. Anderlecht better not celebrate too much to avoid a horror scenario on Halloween à la Ingelmunster or Rupel-Boom. La Louvière is leading in First Amateur and in the cup there is always a club that gets surprised.

Score: 5-1
Goal(s):0-1 Misao 6', 1-1 Dreyer 12', 2-1 Dreyer 42', 3-1 Dolberg 46', 4-1 Stroeykens 52', 5-1 Dryer 86'

Anderlecht:Schmeichel, Sardella, Debast, Vertonghen, Augustinsson (N'Diaye 84'), Rits, Leoni (Diawara 75'), Stroeykens (Vazquez 75'), Hazard (Arnstad 75'), Dreyer, Dolberg (Flips 84')
OHL:Prevot, Schingtienne, Pletinckx, Miguel, Mendyl (N'Dri 64'), Vlietinck (Dom 4'), Schrijvers (Banzuzi 71'), Misao, Maziz (Maertens 46'), Nsingi, Brunes

Yellow: Sardella 14', Schingtienne 28', Riemer 42', Vanhemel 44'

Referee: Nathan Verboomen
Stadium: Lotto Park

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