Effective Anderlecht wins against Cercle

MONDAY, 6 NOVEMBER 2023, 21:11 - lajoya
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GAMES Anderlecht took home the three points thanks to a 0-3 win at Cercle Brugge. The first half went up and down, but a good Purple and White with a strong Hazard was very effective through Dolberg and Dreyer. After halftime, Anderlecht left the initiative to Cercle. At Anderlecht's first breakaway, it was hit again. This time Stroeykens was allowed to pull the trigger. After that, Anderlecht put the game to bed and the 0-3 remained on the scoreboard. A nice victory for the Purple and White against revelation Cercle Bruges.

Cercle immediately showed that it wanted to take its chances. Anderlecht lay in wait with Delaney in Leoni's place. In minute 20 Stroeykens was able to strike, but his shot was too central, moments later Warleson was just in time to prevent a rebound from Dolberg.

Cercle did not let up and Anderlecht had to back off at times. Denkey was able to show himself for the first time in minute 28. Schmeichel was able to get his low shot out of the corner. The game went up and down, but Anderlecht seemed to have more venom in attack. Dreyer laid back well and a strong playing Hazard hit the far post with a place ball in minute 34. Moments later, it did hit. Hazard held off a number of Cercle players and through Dreyer the ball ended up with Dolberg. The Dane rarely misses a chance like that this season and Purple and White were in the lead.

And it wasn't long before that lead was doubled. Dreyer, the other Dane in good shape, cleverly placed the ball into goal after a tap from Dolberg. Dreyer was just short of being offside so Anderlecht - just like at Standard - led 0-2 at halftime. It had to watch out, though, as three players were already booked with yellow. Boterberg was even called by VAR to judge Debast's yellow card, but fortunately the referee stuck to his decision.

The second half was a good test after the debacle at Standard. Tampering at the back, like in minute 50 then had to be absolutely avoided. However, the first time Purple and White prodded after halftime it was an instant hit. After a hesitation by Daland, Dreyer was diagonally in front of goal. The Dane served Stroeykens who scored just like last weekend.

Anderlecht then managed to silence Cercle and left the ball possession to the home team. De Wilde, ex-Anderlecht, shot at goal once, but Schmeichel saved easily. Denkey was also able to kick at goal once when he was given some space for the first time after halftime. In the closing stages Vertonghen was substituted, hopefully no injury for the captain.

A handsome win by Anderlecht that managed to make the game dead after the 0-3. In attack, it only got out once through Amuzu. Anderlecht also gets a clean sheet. Next weekend the topper in Gent awaits.

Score: 0-3
Goal(s): 0-1 Dolberg 37', 0-2 Dreyer 40', 0-3 Stroeykens 60'

Cercle Brugge: Warleson, Siquet, Popovic (Miangué 79'), Daland, Nazinho (Lietaert 85'), De Wilde (Etonde 85'), Utkus (Minda 65'), Olaigbe (Semedo 79'), Lemaréchal, Gboho, Denkey
Anderlecht: Schmeichel, Sardella, Debast, Vertonghen (N'Diaye 85') , Augustinsson, Rits, Delaney (Arnstad 70'), Stroeykens (Amuzu 79'), Hazard (Flips 85'), Dreyer, Dolberg (Vazquez 85')

Yellow: Augustinsson 15', Debast 25', Rits 35', Popovic 62', Minda 69'

Referee: Jan Boterberg
Stadium: Jan Breydel stadium

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