Verschaeren: "After winter break, I want to be 100 percent"

FRIDAY, 17 NOVEMBER 2023, 10:30 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Yari Verschaeren was very happy yesterday on his reappearance after eight months of injury. To the newspapers he told even more than in his interview with VTM (which you could already read yesterday). "The knee felt good and also mentally I was fine," the Anderlecht number ten said.

"How long I would play would depend on how I felt," Verschaeren explained. "After 25 minutes, the staff asked how I was. I felt good enough to play a full half," the midfielder said.

"This is an important mental step. The knee felt good and also mentally I was fine. The past few weeks I kept building up the training sessions. I was really looking forward to playing that first game, because the past weeks were long."

What will be the next steps after this successful first test? "We will decide that soon," Verschaeren said. "The staff first wants to see how I digest this first game. After that, we will decide on my program. I want to play as much as possible, but know I have to be careful." As a full player of the A-core, Verschaeren is allowed by rule to make two appearances with the Futures to gain rhythm. Something he is quite comfortable with.

"I still need a few more matches to find my rhythm again, but after the winter break I want to be 100 percent," Verschaeren said. And then go full steam ahead with the team for the national title? "Why not? We have the qualities for it."

Flips: "Easy play with Verschaeren"

Verschaeren also received praise from teammate Alexis Flips after the match. "Yari feels the game," said the Frenchman in La Dernière Heure. "It's easy to combine with such a player."

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