"A fully fit Verschaeren is among best players in the league"

FRIDAY, 1 DECEMBER 2023, 10:31 - emjomi
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INTERVIEWS Will we get Yari Verschaeren's big comeback tomorrow against Westerlo? It could well be. The midfielder is fully fit and Brian Riemer is running high with him. "If he can play a season fully fit and at his peak, he is a candidate for the Golden Shoe," Riemer said.

"For me, a fully fit Verschaeren is one of the best players in the league," the coach said. "If he can play a season fully fit and at his peak, he is a candidate for the Golden Shoe. Every club in Belgium would be very happy to have such a player there again."

"It is very good for us that he is fully fit for tomorrow's match. I saw him in the Futures' game against Zulte Waregem and he is back where he should be. Now there is a period where he has to grow, be back with the boys and find his soccer identity again. I'm convinced that will happen quickly."

"At training, I see a player who is very hungry to play. As far as I am concerned, he is ready. So he will be in the selection and hopefully we will see him on the field."

"No more on the flank"

With the return of Verschaeren, the places up front become even more expensive. Who should fear and in which positions does Riemer see his number ten back playing?

"Of course there is competition. We have a strong midfield at the moment. In the past, Yari sometimes played as a winger. I even think he got to do that a few times under me. But I don't think that's his best position. When he played so strongly last season, it was because he played in his position," said Riemer, referring to a role in central midfield behind the strikers.

Riemer does not think he will use Verschaeren on the flank yet. "We can shift around a bit. For example, Mario can play on the flank and Théo on the six. There are many options and we need them all. With Yari added, we will have used 23 players tomorrow this season. We need them all."

"They are all different types. It's up to me to put together the perfect plan every match. It gives me the opportunity every match to see which players fit best."

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