Verschaeren: "It felt super good"

SUNDAY, 3 DECEMBER 2023, 17:18 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Eight months after that unfortunate moment at Oud-Herverlee Leuven, Yari Verschaeren was back on the field on Friday. Earlier than expected because initially he was out until 2024. Friday, he got a half-hour fill-in and it felt "super good," according to de Ket.

Verschaeren already made minutes with the Futures last week: "But this is still something else. It felt super good. And it was time after not being able to play soccer for so long, I was more than driven to fill in today."

"During my rehab I just forgot everything, all I wanted to do was play soccer. Fortunately, there were no complications, so the process went more smoothly," Verschaeren said.

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