Weak Anderlecht stranded at 1-1

TUESDAY, 23 JANUARY 2024, 06:30 - emjomi
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GAMES A pale Anderlecht did not get beyond a 1-1 draw at OHL. Purple and white hardly played a chance together and soon swallowed an avoidable goal after a bad kick-in by Schmeichel. After the hour, Anderlecht began to press a bit more, but that resulted in barely one chance for Dolberg. In the end, it was Patris who, out of nowhere, gave Anderlecht a point. The former OHL player kicked into goal from long range. If Anderlecht wants to put its foot down against Union in the double confrontation, it will have to tap from a different barrel.

Anderlecht took the initiative, but OHL did not intend to just wait and see. After ten minutes, Schmeichel tried to reach Dryer quickly, but his kick-in was very poor. After a Leuven interception, Maziz was allowed to put the ball into the far corner far too easily. A few minutes later Dolberg received a jab from Banzuzi in the back in the penalty area, but VAR did not budge. Leuven was able to break out when possible. After twenty minutes, Maziz had a great chance, but he spooned the ball over goal. Anderlecht barely found solutions. Dreyer did kick hard against the crossbar, but Dolberg was offside in that phase. On the half-hour Hazard was set free, but there was nobody in front of goal.

Non rest Leoni kicked too central on goal in minute 49. Van Driessche pointed to the spot when Dolberg was pulled down, but the decision was overruled by VAR due to offside. Just after the hour, Dolberg finally got a good chance on a pass from Patris, but the Dane reacted too laconically for Pletinckx to block his attempt. In minute 70, Purple and White climbed to the equalizer almost out of nowhere. Louis Patris, engaged in a difficult match, painted the ball over Leysen in goal particularly cleverly from long range. Patris admitted afterwards that he "mis-hit" the ball and intended to kick a cross. OHL showed itself dangerous for the first time after halftime through a place ball from Thorsteinsson.

Riemer threw in Vazquez and Angulo in the closing stages, but they too could not turn the tide. Patris was lucky that Van Driessche did not give him a second yellow. In the last minutes, Leysen reacted very well to a breakthrough by Dreyer. Anderlecht stuck to a draw and they didn't deserve much more today. A match to forget soon, hopefully Brian Riemer will think differently, because Purple-White can't afford to lose many points if they really want to play an important role this season.

Score: 1-1

Goal(s):1-0 Maziz (10'), 1-1 Patris 70'

OHL:Leysen, Sagrado, Pletinckx, Schingtienne, Ricca, Miguel, Schrijvers, Maziz (Maertens 66'), Banzuzi, Thorsteinsson (Brunes 82'), Nsingi (N'Dri 66')

Anderlecht:Schmeichel, Patris, Debast, Vertonghen, Augustinsson; Rits (Stroeykens 80'), Leoni, Verschaeren, Dreyer, Dolberg (Vazquez 85') and Hazard (Angulo 85')

Yellow: Patris 43', Debast 69', Miguel 80', Ricca 90'+2, Garcia 90'+2



Referee: Bram Van Driessche

Stadium: King Power at Den Dreef Stadium

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