Finally another win against Gent

TUESDAY, 6 FEBRUARY 2024, 13:25 - emjomi
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GAMES Anderlecht was able to win against Gent for the first time since 2018. In a rather messy match, it became 1-0 through a penalty by Dreyer. A weakened Gent had a lot of ball possession especially before halftime but was only dangerous from distance. Anderlecht created some chances, but the last ball was missing. In the closing stages, the purple and white got away well when Laforge disallowed the equalizer after Arnstad was brought down in a preceding duel, on the advice of the VAR. So this time the referee's decision fell in Purple-White's favor.

Anderlecht started eagerly, but it had to leave the ball possession to Gent fairly quickly unless Riemer wanted to take advantage of the space Gent left. Anderlecht gave a nervous impression and could only threaten a little in the first half hour through crosses from Stroeykens and Patris. 

After 35 minutes, the game suddenly gained momentum. Gent first threatened through Tissoudali and through a shot by Samoise. Dreyer was then well cleared but could not reach anyone. Vazquez had a chance, but he failed to control a hard cross from Hazard. Neither Tissoudali nor Hazard shot far wide either.

A few minutes before halftime, Watanabe made an avoidable foul on Stroeykens in the penalty area. Laforge pointed to the spot and Dreyer accepted the Gent gift with some luck, as Schmidt dived over the weakly kicked penalty.

Not long after halftime, Arnstad found himself in possession of the ball in the penalty area, but the Norwegian was unable to cross or kick. Gent tried from distance through a dangerous shot by Yokota. A rather messy phase in the match, although Anderlecht combined a bit better than before the break. It also got a good chance on the hour through Dryer and Vazquez, but the Argentine could not finish fast enough.

Purple and White remained more dangerous than Gent and still had opportunities through Vazquez, Hazard and Dreyer. But a goal difference is always playable, of course, especially since Anderlecht began to play sloppily again. Vertonghen had to defuse a dangerous cross ten minutes before time.

Riemer substituted Vazquez and Hazard for Dolberg and Angulo who made a number of appearances. Schmeichel had to use his gloves once more on a breakaway shot by substitute Gandelman. Anderlecht got away well after that, however. De Sart popped steely into goal on a corner, but Arnstad went to ground in that phase after a duel with Kandouss. Laforge was called to the screen by VAR and he disallowed the goal because of a foul on the Norwegian.

Just before time, Schmeichel had to intervene one last time, again on an attempt by Gandelman, but Anderlecht pulled off the narrow victory. As a result, it won from Gent for the first time since 2018 and does well in the standings.
Next week, Purple-White must face Charleroi.

Score: 1-0
Goal(s):1-0 Dreyer (Pen) 45'+1

Anderlecht:Schmeichel, Patris, Debast, Vertonghen, Arnstad, Rits, Verschaeren (Leoni 70'), Stroeykens (Gattoni 90'+5), Hazard (Dolberg 82'), Dreyer, Vazquez (Angulo 82')
AA Gent:Schmidt, Mitrovic, Watanabe (Gandelman 77'), Kandouss, Brown, Gerkens, De Sart, Yokota, Samoise (Surdez 77'), Depoitre, Tissoudali

Yellow: Gerkens 24', Watanabe 43', Mitrovic 65', Yokota 78', Patris 90'+6

Referee: Nicolas Laforge
Stadium: Lotto Park

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