Rits: "Referees are consistent though"

TUESDAY, 6 FEBRUARY 2024, 15:28 - emjomi
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INTERVIEWS Mats Rits was also asked about the disallowed goal after the game against Gent. "I watched the phase back. Should I be in the Genste camp, I wouldn't consider this an error either," the midfielder said. However, Rits sees a resemblance to the penalty that Anderlecht was whistled against on Thursday in Mechelen.

"The referees are consistent, though," said Rits, who reminded referee Laforge immediately after the phase in question of what Anderlecht experienced Thursday. "I asked him if he had seen the footage from then, but he didn't, he replied."

Rits also returned to the phase shortly after when a goal by Nilson Angulo was disallowed for offside. "We are only sure of one thing: Nilson was not offside and the clear guideline is wait and see," he said.

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