Match halted by supporter violence? Three duels no away fans

FRIDAY, 9 FEBRUARY 2024, 12:42 - lajoya
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GAMES The Pro League has a measure ready to ensure matches are no longer halted due to supporter violence. When matches are temporarily or permanently halted due to actions by fans, those clubs will not be allowed to bring supporters to the next three away matches.

If it happens a second time within the 12 months, the penalty is even five away matches without fans. The measures go into effect as early as tomorrow.

"Because the safety of all our supporters is our main concern, we are now taking very strict measures," said Lorin Parys, CEO of the Pro League. "Very honestly, this goes against how we see soccer with home and away supporters in one stadium. But because of the behavior of some people posing as supporters, we will now act in this way."

The Pro League will also work with the KBVB and the Interior's Football Security Service to launch a permanent consultative body around security. It will also invest in new forms of access controls and work to make better use of camera images in identifying spectators who misbehave.

"Football should be a celebration, stadiums meeting places for soccer lovers. We cannot accept that our beloved sport is held hostage by inappropriate behavior of a few, and that the safety of players, security personnel, supporters and spectators is compromised," concluded Piet Vandendriessche, CEO of KBVB.

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