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MONDAY, 12 FEBRUARY 2024, 18:25 - lajoya
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GAMES An efficient Anderlecht won 1-3 in Charleroi. With a minimum of effort, Anderlecht was ahead 0-2 after half an hour after an owngoal and a goal by Dolberg. But Charleroi, which often had the ball, was able to ease to 1-2 before halftime. In a sloppy and chance-poor second half, substitute Vazquez cleared the doubts with a very clever goal. Charleroi's biggest chance fell in the added time, but Schmeichel prevented a torrid finale for the purple and white. Anderlecht thus makes a good case in the standings and catches up a little on Union.

Hazard created the first danger after three minutes, but he kicked over from an acute angle. In the next attack, however, it was a hit. Hazard crossed after a good combination and Van Cleemput processed the ball into his own goal. Instead of looking for the 0-2, Anderlecht left the ball to Charleroi. The home team showed more and more because Anderlecht was not doing anything since the 0-1. There was hardly any calm on the ball and the attacking players were not reached.

But just before the half hour, Hazard was able to hit another good cross from the right. Dolberg craftily put his foot against the cross and the Dane scored for the first time since Dec. 1. Purple and white very efficiently at 0-2 with a minimum of effort. In minute 35, Dreyer was played in by Hazard, but the Dane then decided far too quickly and too weakly.

In minute 37, the home team showed once again. Dabbagh just couldn't reach a cross. In minute 42, Purple-White got what it asked for. After a Charleroi free kick, defender Dari was able to decide the goal from close range between a lot of players. Schmeichel also had to react appropriately to a Heymans header just before halftime.

Anderlecht tried to take more control of the game after halftime, but that didn't last long, allowing Charleroi to regain possession of the ball frequently. The home team was also too weak to be dangerous. Anderlecht itself played very sloppy and Riemer substituted Dolberg and Stroeykens for Vazquez and Leoni on the hour. After getting a ball hard in the face, referee Lambrechts had to be replaced by fourth referee Laurent Willems which took a particularly long time.

In minute 83 Dreyer was given free rein, he passed Koffi but his effort was still cleared out of goal. But on the corner, Vazquez shot the 1-3 into the roof of the goal in a time particularly beautiful.

In the thirteen minutes of extra time, due to the substitution of Lambrechts, Vazquez had a good chance for the 1-4 in minute 93 falling. The substitute Angulo then couldn't reach a Dreyer cross. But Anderlecht had to stay alert. Schmeichel reflexively saved a header when his teammates had already put on their sleeping caps. The home team did not get any further than that and so a very efficient Anderlecht booked its first away win since the beginning of December in Westerlo.

Score: 1-3
Goal(s):0-1 Van Cleemput (owngoal) 6', 0-2 Dolberg 29', 1-2 Dari 42', 1-3 Vazquez 85'

Charleroi:Koffi, Van Cleemput, Dari, Petris, Camara, Guiagon (Sylla 90'), Bernier (Benbouali 66'), Heymans (Badji 83'), Ilaimaharitra, Rogelj (Dragsnes 90'), Dabbagh

Anderlecht:Schmeichel, Patris, Debast, Vertonghen, Arnstad, Rits, Verschaeren (Gattoni 90'+12), Stroeykens (Leoni 63'), Hazard (Angulo 90'+2), Dreyer (Monticelli 90'+12), Dolberg (Vazquez 63')


Referee: Erik Lambrechts
Stadium: Stade du Pays de Charleroi

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