Zetterberg: 'Scar is not yet healed'

WEDNESDAY, 14 FEBRUARY 2024, 12:48 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Pär Zetterberg kicked off Charleroi - Anderlecht on Sunday, but we won't have to expect the Swede at Lotto Park anytime soon. "The club has already asked several times, but it's not the right time yet. The scar hasn't healed yet," he refers to his dismissal in 2020.

In November 2018, Marc Coucke brought club icon Pär Zetterberg on board Anderlecht's technical staff. In March 2020, he was fired. There was always ambiguity about his specific role, and as Vincent Kompany started to set the lines more and more athletically, Zetterberg's role diminished.

Zetterberg also watched the game Sunday and thought Anderlecht played a good match. "Charleroi had the ball, but without being dangerous. Offensively, Anderlecht was stronger. Anderlecht controlled easily and Schmeichel had a quiet evening."

Especially Thorgan Hazard and Anders Dreyer could charm Zetterberg. "Hazard you don't always see, but he can do something at any moment. That's very annoying for a defense. He is very important for Anderlecht. We missed players like that when I was on the staff there. Ditto for Dreyer. He is very effective. With guys like Dreyer and Hazard, you win a lot of matches without playing really well."

Zetterberg himself, meanwhile, turned to padel. With success. He already became Swedish champion twice at the +50 and hopes to go to the World Cup in Alicante in April. "As a soccer player I never got to play a World Cup. It would be great to be able to do this in padel though."

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