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GAMES Anderlecht sent STVV home 4-1. However, it was trailing 0-1 at halftime after a gaffe by Arnstad and as Dreyer failed to make it 1-1. After halftime Anderlecht shifted up a gear and scored three goals in no time through a strong Hazard, Stroeykens and Dolberg. Although STVV was still able to threaten from time to time from distance, Purple-White played out the game from the seat. After a foul on Hazard, Vazquez scored the 4-1 from the penalty spot. Anderlecht is doing well again in the standings and is mathematically sure of Play-Off 1.

Unnecessary pinging at the back by Anderlecht led to a first opening for the visitors after 2 minutes, but Koita picked out with a deflection. After four minutes, Patris was offered the 1-0 when he dived well into the back of the Truiden defense, but he chose to play Dryer on and he did so imprecisely. In minute STVV got an early lead through Steuckers after a double blunder by ersatz left back Arnstad who failed to clear the ball twice. Anderlecht responded in minute 14 via a long ball from Vertonghen that just failed to reach Dolberg via Hazard.

In minute 19, it could have been 0-2. Iranian striker Zahiroleslam was played in well from the right, but he kicked a hole in the air. Anderlecht struggled against a free-playing STVV. The only weapon with which Purple White could threaten at times was the long ball. After half an hour, Rits reached Arnstad, but his shot went wide. In minute 34, Suzuki also wanted to give a big gift to Anderlecht when he played in badly, but Dreyer didn't see fit to unwrap it. The Dane clumsily kicked the huge chance over goal from close range. Immediately after, Dolberg was reached, but his effort was blocked. In the last 10 minutes before halftime Anderlecht could not threaten anymore.

After halftime, six crazy minutes followed in which a very eager Anderlecht went from 0-1 to 3-1. In minute 50, Hazard head-fobbed Anderlecht's first chance straight into goal. The ball made a high collision and Suzuki couldn't reach it. The home team continued to press the gas pedal. After a combination between Verschaeren and Dolberg, Stroeykens was able to strike. The young attacker placed the 2-1 nicely in the corner. This time Anderlecht did not crawl backwards after a lead. Four minutes after the 2-1, Anderlecht struck again. Dreyer was nicely sent off and he served Dolberg who did not miss the open goal opportunity for 3-1.

In minute 63, Sardella and Augustinsson returned after injuries. STVV, however, did not give up yet. It came close to making it 3-2 through shots by Zahiroleslam and Delorge. It did escape the 4-1 itself when Dryer deflected instead of scoring himself after Hazard subtly put him in front of goal. Anderlecht then got to 4-1 anyway through a penalty in minute 73 from the just-installed Vazquez. Hazard first saw his shot saved by Suzuki, but in the following phase van Helden kicked him under so Van Driessche pointed to the spot.

In the last ten minutes, Schmeichel had to distinguish himself twice. The first time on a low shot by Ito and the second time when Bertaccini had a great chance. Meanwhile, Colassin also made another appearance in the main squad after replacing Hazard.

Thus, after halftime Anderlecht put things in order by playing much faster and more direct. STVV, which after halftime did not reach the level it had reached before halftime either, was swamped in six minutes by an enthusiastic home team.

Score: 4-1
Goal(s):0-1 Steuckers 8', 1-1 Hazard 50', 2-1 Stroeykens 52', 3-1 Dolberg 56', 4-1 Vazquez (pen) 75'

Anderlecht:Schmeichel, Patris (Sardella 63'), Debast, Vertonghen, Arnstad (Augustinsson 63'), Rits (Leoni 72'), Verschaeren, Stroeykens, Hazard (Colassin 82'), Dreyer, Dolberg (Vazquez 72')
STVV:Suzuki, van Helden, Smets, Godeau, Vanwesemael (Bertaccini 76'), Fujita (Ito 69'), Delorge (Dumont 90'+2), Bocat, Steuckers, Zahiroleslam (Kaya 76'), Koita (Janssens 76')

Yellow: van Helden 73', Stroeykens 83'

Referee: Bram Van Driessche
Stadium: Lotto Park

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