Anderlecht past Club Brugge at the last minute

TUESDAY, 27 FEBRUARY 2024, 09:16 - emjomi
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GAMES Anderlecht won once again on the Club Brugge pitch in a long time. Although it was certainly not the lesser in the game, it came behind through a goal by Jutgla. Anderlecht played showed the most initiative, but it only deservedly equalized ten minutes before time after a header by substitute Vazquez. Brugge responded, but it was another South American who gave Anderlecht the win. The just-entered Angulo slid a ball from Dreyer into goal. With this win, Anderlecht gives its calling card for the Play-Offs.

As expected, a bright start to the match, but with no real chances. Vetlesen placed the first opportunity and half meter over in the tenth minute. Before the quarter hour, Anderlecht also showed for the first time, but the 0-1 was disallowed due to earlier offside. After a poor pass from Vertonghen, Club seemed to have a great chance, but Skov Olsen served Nusa far too hard.

Moments later it was still 1-0. Vanaken was able to head through too easily and Jutgla was also spotted too late for the Spaniard to slide in goal next to Schmeichel. Anderlecht responded with a hard shot by Stroeykens. Just before the half hour, a second Purple and White goal was disallowed. A spry Dolberg scored on a Hazard pass, but Thorgan had played the ball with his arm in a duel.

The game went back and forth. Jutgla shot just wide in minute 31 after Dreyer lost the ball. In the last fifteen minutes, both teams became more sloppy, so the only noteworthy effort was a side-netting attempt by Sardella. Anderlecht was behind at halftime, but was not the lesser. Club took full advantage during its best five minutes.

Two minutes after halftime, Hazard had the chance for the equalizer. Augustinsson crossed, but Hazard wanted to place his header too much, causing the ball to land wide of goal. Lambrechts then failed to penalize Vetlesen with yellow. Leoni came on to replace Verschaeren in minute 51 who suffered too much from a contact to the thigh before halftime.

Anderlecht tried to poke and prod regularly. Mignolet had to watch out for a tight shot by Dolberg in minute 54. Then followed another period of lesser danger. Anderlecht played sloppily and found it harder to get out. Not until minute 75 did Club get its first chance after halftime. Jutgla was able to kick from the turn, but Vertonghen got in the way of the shot. Riemer tried with two strikers and high flanks after the substitution of Vazquez. Patris, who had also dropped in, served Hazard who reached Vazquez 10 minutes before time. The Argentine finished the clever attack beautifully with his head.

Club Brugge did respond now, but Patris and Vertonghen got in the way. Anderlecht suddenly struggled after the equalizer while it was in complete control after halftime. After a sloppy pass from Patris, Debast had to intervene well. Then Schmeichel had to save twice and Patris just managed to stop Vanaken. But Anderlecht poked against once more. Dreyer got the ball past everyone and Mignolet. Angulo was on hand after a long run and the substitute slid the ball into goal. Thus, at the last minute, Anderlecht grabbed their first win in Brugge since 2018 and that win could not be called undeserved.

With remaining games against Eupen, RWDM and Kortrijk ahead, Anderlecht cannot lose any more points in the league. Vertonghen is suspended against Eupen. And what about the match against Genk? Will Purple and White still have to replay that match?

Score: 1-2
Goal(s):1-0 Jutgla 18', 1-1 Vazquez 79', 1-2 Angulo 90+2'

Club Brugge:Mignolet, De Cuyper, Spileers, Mechele, Meijer (Skoras 87'), Vetlesen, Nielsen (Balanta 60'), Vanaken, Nusa (Barbera 87'), Skov Olsen, Jutgla
Anderlecht:Schmeichel, Sardella (Patris 76'), Debast, Vertonghen, Augustinsson, Rits (Vazquez 76'), Verschaeren (Leoni 51'), Stroeykens, Hazard, Dreyer, Dolberg (Angulo 90')

Yellow: Sardella 56', Dolberg 71', Vertonghen 89', Hazard 90'+2

Referee: Erik Lambrechts
Stadium: Jan Breydel stadium

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