Vazquez: "I'm working hard to get better"

WEDNESDAY, 28 FEBRUARY 2024, 08:46 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Luis Vazquez became Europe's best substitute this weekend, scoring seven goals (six goals and one assist) when he filled in. Only one player in the Dutch league has scored more goals than him.

He admits that the secret behind these statistics is the work he puts in daily, because Vazquez always wants to show what he is capable of. He accepts the status Brian Riemer has reserved for him, regardless of the coach's game system.
It is logical that the RSCA striker went through an adjustment phase when he arrived, but he now feels very much at home thanks to the help he has received from his teammates and the Anderlecht staff. At every important moments in his life, he thinks of his loved ones, and that was of course the case against Bruges.
Nicolas Frutos plays an important role in his integration. The former Mauve player explains to him the importance of a match against Bruges. He communicates with him before every match and is eager to follow his example.
He concludes by saying that he is not yet at 100 percent of his ability, but he wants to keep improving and is working hard to do so.

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