Vertonghen: "I don't want to become a caricature"

TUESDAY, 2 APRIL 2024, 09:21 - emjomi
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INTERVIEWS Will he continue or stop? Just before the international break, Jan Vertonghen sat down with Jesper Fredberg to talk about his future. In Het Laatste Nieuws today, he tells the same thing he said to his boss. "The main question for me is: can I give Anderlecht the player I want to be myself and that Anderlecht deserves?"

Vertonghen hasn't made a decision yet. He feels very good at Anderlecht, but fears deciding too soon and then having to go back on the decision. "At the moment, I still feel I can be an added value, but I still want to have an acceptable level when I stop. I don't want to become a caricature of myself."

The defender says that based on his current feeling he would like to continue. "But I can't predict how I'll feel in a few months," he echoes. "I don't want to give my yes to Anderlecht now only to find after the European Championship that it's no longer going. Or the other way around." Although Vertonghen is well aware that his future has a major impact on Anderlecht's transfer plans this summer. 

Nevertheless, Vertonghen does not want to tie the knot until he is ready. "I'm still too much of a lover to suddenly say 'I'm stopping,'" he concludes.

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