Van Bommel: "Unsporting? As a player you do everything to win"

TUESDAY, 2 APRIL 2024, 09:35 - emjomi
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INTERVIEWS After Anderlecht - Antwerp, Owen Wijndal's red card was obviously the topic of conversation par excellence. Toby Alderweireld did not think it was a red, coach Mark van Bommel thought it was especially not smart of Wijndal.

"I don't think it's correct. We shouldn't be like 22 sheep on the pitch, should we?" responded Alderweireld. For the Antwerp captain, it was not a headbutt, but "a small reaction that is eagerly used." Red he felt was unjustified.

Antwerp coach Van Bommel was not so punitive in his words. According to him, Hazard initially deserved yellow for the foul he made. "Whether Wijndal then gave a headbutt, you can discuss that," Van Bommel said, noting that Hazard did go down quite late. "But anyway, Owen gave the VAR an opportunity to intervene and that's not smart. You can call what Hazard does unsportsmanlike or smart, but as a player you do everything to win."

The final word on the phase is for Anderlecht coach Brian Riemer. "We have to have faith in the referee and the VAR. Four or five experts will look at the footage and then make the right decision."

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