Proto: 'RSCA must keep Schmeichel'

FRIDAY, 19 APRIL 2024, 13:04 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Former RSC Anderlecht goalkeeper Silvio Proto has stated in La Dernière Heure that Kasper Schmeichel's performances are currently 'in balance'. According to Proto, Schmeichel has won points for Sporting, but also lost some. He has managed to elevate his level throughout the season and is clearly confident. Proto emphasizes that Schmeichel quickly recovers after a small mistake and benefits from the experience he has gained throughout his career.

"Schmeichel has regained his explosiveness and can therefore stop crucial balls. His footwork is still impressive," continues the former purple-and-white goalkeeper.

Proto believes that a solid defense, a goal scorer, and an excellent goalkeeper are essential to becoming champions. Furthermore, Silvio had predicted at the start of the season that Schmeichel would be present in important moments, and the current results confirm this so far.

Even against Union, Schmeichel made some essential saves. "He continues to perform under pressure and is made for crucial moments. It would be good to keep him for another year if financially possible," concludes Proto.

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