Anderlecht waste last chance on the title

MONDAY, 10 DECEMBER 2007, 14:01 - D.A.B.
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After yesterday's defeat against STVV, the title seems lost. Five minutes before the end of the game, the Mauves were still leading with 2-3, but two late goals sank Anderlecht deeper into crisis.

The game started at a low pace. The first chance came after half an hour of play and was for the home-side. They scored immediatly: 1-0. Anderlecht reacted and equalised a few minutes later on a corner kick: 1-1. A few minutes later, Van Damme did the same and doubled the score for the Mauves: 1-2.

Though STVV didn't give up and scored again: 2-2. Hassan brought the Mauves one up with a penalty kick: 2-3 at half time.

In the second half, Anderlecht had enough chances to decide the game, but they were all missed, especially by Théréau who had three excellent opportunities. Five minutes before the end, Sishuba scored the equaliser: 3-3. Again Théréau got a good chance to shoot Anderlecht to victory after all, but he missed. In stoppage time, the home side even took the victory by scoring again...

Score: 4-3
Goal(s): 25' Rocky Peeters 1-0, 29' Ahmed Hassan 1-1, 32' Jelle Van Damme 1-2, 38' Peter Van Houdt 2-2, 44' Ahmed Hassan 2-3 (pen), 85' Asanda Sishuba 3-3, 90' Coulibaly 4-3

STVV: Mignolet, Hayen, Dreesen, Hendrikx, Chimedza, Debroux (87' Kris Buvens), Delorge, Van Dessel (69' Sishuba), Peeters, Beslija (75' Coulibaly), Van Houdt
Anderlecht: Zitka, Wasilewski, De Man, Van Damme, Deschacht, Hassan, Biglia, Baseggio, Goor, Théréau, Mpenza (63' Vadis)

Yellow: 21' Rocky Peeters, 58' Olivier Deschacht, 60' Cephas Chimedza
Red: /

Referee: Wegereef (Hol)
Stadium: Staaien

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