RSCA-Charleroi 2-0

SATURDAY, 20 SEPTEMBER 2008, 00:12 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht defeated Charleroi tonight. The score was 2-0 with goals of Van Damme and Vlcek deep in the second half. Biglia started on the bench. Chatelle replaced him in the starting line-up.

Also Vlcek had to take place on the bench, with Iakovenko in the team. Kruiswijk replaced Deschacht in the defense.

The first half was terrible, with only a few chances for Charleroi in the first few minutes. The logical score at half time was 0-0.

The Mauves started furiously in the second half and created a few chances, but they had to wait until the 79th minute for Van Damme to score with a header on a corner kick. Meanwhile, Defays had been sent off. In the dying seconds of the game, Vlcek doubled the lead: 2-0.

Score: 2-0
Goal(s): 79' Van Damme 1-0, 89' Vlcek 2-0

Anderlecht: Zitka, Juhasz, Kruiswijk, Van Damme, Wasilewski, Chatelle (46' Biglia), Gillet, Losada (71' Vlcek), Polak, Boussoufa, Iakovenko (84' Goor)
Charleroi: Laquit, Defays, Kéré, Sbai, Vandenbroeck, Chabaud, Bia, Sergio (85' Makiese), Smolders, Dos Santos Costa (71' Habibou), Théréau

Yellow: 30' Théréau, 45' Kéré, 52' Defays, 61' Iakovenko, 65' Defays, 67' Losada, 85' Laquait
Red: 65' Defays (2x geel)

Referee: Stéphane Breda
Stadium: stade Constant Vanden Stock

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