Anderlecht beaten by Lokeren: 2-3

SATURDAY, 8 NOVEMBER 2008, 23:49 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht lost the three points at home against Lokeren. The final score was 2-3. With this defeat, the Mauves really need to win against Brugge next week, else they face a big gap with the top of the table.

Anderlecht was taken by surprise for three times. Bad defending led to two goals of Maazou and one of Dupré in the second half: 0-3 after 53 minutes.

Anderlecht started playing well after that third goal. Legear, who had replaced the weak Rnic, scored the first goal for the home side. Frutos doubled the score: 2-3.

In an exciting last 15 minutes, Anderlecht threw everything they had at Lokeren, but a well playing goalkeeper Copa couldn't be beaten for a third time, despite the 6 minutes of stoppage time.

Score: 2-3
Goals: 24' Maazou (0-1), 32' Maazou (0-2), 53' Dupré (0-3), 65' Legear (1-3), 73' Frutos (2-3)

Anderlecht: Zitka, Deschacht, Rnic (58' Legear), Van Damme, Wasilewski, Biglia, Gillet, Losada (87' Blykin), Boussoufa, Frutos, Vlcek (52' Chatelle)
Lokeren: Copa, Doll, Dupré, El Mouataz, Strul, Carevic, Demiri (63' Muharemovic), Mbayo (72' Camara), Overmeire (77' Bouabe), Tiko, Maazou

Yellow: 43' Demiri, 54' Maazou, 57' Van Damme, 74' Copa , 89' Muharemovic
Red: /

Referee: Johan Verbist
Stadium: Constant Vandenstock