Anderlecht to take the lead after victory in Gent

WEDNESDAY, 18 FEBRUARY 2009, 22:29 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht defeated AA Gent tonight with 1-2. De Sutter scored both goals. Sare (Anderlecht) and Thompson (Gent) were sent off in the second half. With this victory, the Mauves take the lead again in the league.

In the first half, AA Gent started well and created a few chances. Though Anderlecht defended well and De Sutter opened the score on a counter attack. That same De Sutter also missed an imense possibility to double the lead before the pause.

But in the second half, the striker did what he failed to do in the first 45 minutes: doubling the lead. With the 0-2 on the scoreboard, Sare was sent off. But Anderlecht never came into trouble. Legear and De Sutter both even had a good chance to score a third goal. Later on, Thompson also got red. In the last seconds of the game, the home side managed to score: 1-2.

Score: 1-2
Goal(s): 12' De Sutter 0-1, 52' Tom De Sutter 0-2, 90' Ljubijankic

Gent: Jorgacevic, Thompson, Wils, De Roeck (64' Adekanmi Olufade), Myrie, Grondin, Maric, Smolders, Ruiz, Custovic (77' Randall Azofeifa), Ljubijankic
Anderlecht: Schollen, Wasilewski, Juhasz, Kruiswijk, Deschacht, Biglia, Gillet, Saré, Legear (67' Iakovenko), Boussoufa (82' Hernan Losada), De Sutter (56' Jan Polak)

Yellow: 35' Kenny Thompson, 44' Bakary Sare, 53' Bakary Sare, 80' Kenny Thompson
Red: 53' Bakary Sare (2x yellow), 80' Kenny Thompson (2x yellow)

Referee: Luc Wouters
Stadium: Jules Otten Stadium

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