Mechelen better than Anderlecht: 2-1

FRIDAY, 13 MARCH 2009, 22:35 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht lost three points this night against KV Mechelen. The final score was 2-1. Rnic brought his team into serious trouble by taking a red card in the first half. De Sutter's goal was not enough to overcome the defeat.

On Sunday, Standard can take the lead in case of a victory.

The visitors took a bad start. They weren't able to create a single chance until the last minute of the first half, when De Sutter's effort hit the upright. Meanwhile, KV Mechelen had created several good chances. At the end of that same first half, Rnic took red because of an unnecessary tackle.

In the second half, Vleminckx opened the score. Iakovenko had an excellent chance to equalise, but he missed. Rossini doubled KV Mechelen's lead on a counter attack. From then on, Anderlecht tried to turn the tide with De Sutter having a few decent chances. Though the ball only went in the net 15 minutes before the end. The Mauves started an offensive in search for the equalizer, but they never came close...

Goal(s): 47' Bjorn Vleminckx, 67' Giuseppe Rossini, 75' De Sutter 2-1

KV Mechelen:Biebauw, Van Hoevelen, Van Dessel, Asare, Biset, Persoons, Gorius (81' Van Goethem), Vrancken, Mununga, Vleminckx, Rossini (81' Antun Dunkovic)
Anderlecht:Schollen, Rnic, Juhasz, Bernardez, Deschacht (70' Jelle Van Damme), Gillet, Biglia, Polak, Boussoufa, Legear (46' Oleksandr 'Sacha' Iakovenko), De Sutter

Yellow: 34' Kenny Van Hoevelen, Mununga, Biglia, Iakovenko, Boussoufa, 86' Nana Asare
Red: 39' Nemanja Rnic

Referee: Luc Wouters
Stadium: Veolia Stadium (Achter de Kazerne)

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