Anderlecht to beat Genk, test games will decide over the title

SUNDAY, 17 MAY 2009, 03:49 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht defeated Racing Genk this evening. The result was 0-2 with goals of Boussoufa and Wasilewski. But Standard also won and therefore, there will be test-games on Thursday and Sunday to decide over the title.

Anderlecht and Genk didn't show much during the first 15 minutes of the game. But then the visitors slowly took control over the match. Short before the pause, Boussoufa headed the 0-1 against the net.

The second half started well for Anderlecht with lots of chances. It was eventually Wasilewski who doubled the lead. From then on, the Mauves controled the game.

Meanwhile, Standard had also taken the lead in Gent thanks to a doubtful penalty. Standard stiker Jovanovic took yellow and will be suspended in the first test match.
In injury time, the Anderlecht fans started to cheer. Why? Gent had also gotten a penalty. Bryan Ruiz took it, but goalkeeper Bolat saved the weak effort, keeping Standard in the running for the title.

Score: 0-2
Goals: 38' Boussoufa (0-1), 56' Wasilewski (0-2)

Genk: Verhulst, Cornelis (61' Bosnjak), Carlos, Matoukou, Daeseleire, Barda, Toth, Hubert, Pudil, Ljubojevic (73' Nemec), Huysegems (84' De Bruyne)
Anderlecht: Schollen, Deschacht, Juhasz, Van Damme, Wasilewski, Biglia, Chatelle (67' Legear), Gillet, Polak, Boussoufa, De Sutter

Yellow: 21' Toth , 30' Gillet , 34' Polak, 64' Biglia, 75' Pudil, 81' Legear
Red: /

Referee: Johan Verbist
Stadium: Cristal Arena

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