Weak Anderlecht suffer defeat vs. STVV

SUNDAY, 13 SEPTEMBER 2009, 15:45 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht lost yesterday evening against STVV. The final score was 2-1. Therefore, STVV replace Anderlecht at the top of the table. The home side was already leading 2-0 after 8 minutes of play.

Chimedza immediately opened the score for STVV. Just three minutes later, Sidibe even doubled the lead. The Anderlecht defense was clearly suffering from a lack of communication now that Mazouch took Wasilewski's place on the right back. And also Polak was missed, because Anderlecht lacked the offensive power on the midfield. Only De Sutter and Suarez had a few good chances, but they missed.

In the second half, Legear took Chatelle's place. Anderlecht took control over the game, but scoring remained a problem. De Sutter had the best chance, but he managed to miss from only three meters before the goal. Juhasz scored the 2-1 just a few minutes before time, but it was too late.

Result: 2-1
Goals: 5' Chimedza (1-0), 8' Sidibe (2-0), 83' Juhasz (2-1)

Sint-Truidense VV: Mignolet, Wagemakers, Cantaluppi, Euvrard, Odoi, Mennes, Delorge, Chimedza, Wilmet (90' Onana), Sidibe, Da Silva (81' Buysens)
Anderlecht: Proto, Deschacht, Juhasz, Mazuch, Van Damme, Gillet, Biglia, Chatelle (46' Legear), Boussoufa, Suarez, De Sutter (56' Lukaku)

Yellow: 26' Mennes, 30' Mazuch, 36' Sidibe, 37' Chatelle, 52' Delorge, 56' Van Damme
Red: /

Referee: Johan Verbist
Stadium: Staaien

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