Anderlecht to beat Westerlo

FRIDAY, 11 DECEMBER 2009, 22:43 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht defeated Westerlo this evening. The final score was 0-2 with goals of Lukaku and Frutos. The visitors were the better team, but the game was not easy though.

The game started at a low pace. It only became exciting after about 20 minutes with a few chances for Anderlecht. Suarez had the best chance, but goalkeeper De Winter pushed the ball out via the post. A bit later, Lukaku scored after a mistake in the home defence.

Early in the second half, Westerlo seemed to take control of the match, but Anderlecht quickly took over again. Frutos entered the game and score immediately, but he was spotted in an off-side position. De Winter showed several good safes on other attempts of Frutos, but eventually the Argentinian succeeded in doubling the lead

Score: 0-2
Goal(s): 34' Lukaku 0-1, 85' Frutos 0-2

Westerlo: De Winter, Van Hout (86' Sarki), Mravac, Van Kerckhoven, Quina, Annab, De Petter, Delen, Jakovenko, Odita, Ceesay
Anderlecht: Proto, Gillet, Mazuch, Juhasz, Deschacht, Legear (78' Chatelle), Kouyaté, Van Damme, Boussoufa, Suarez (59' Frutos), Lukaku (87' Diandy)

Yellow: /
Red: /

Referee: Allaerts
Stadium: ‘t Kuipje

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