Brugge to take one point in Anderlecht

SATURDAY, 3 APRIL 2010, 23:44 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht and Brugge shared the points today in the clash for the title. The Mauves played a superb first half, but Brugge took over in the second one. Also thanks to referee Gumienny, Brugge managed to come back from a 2-0.

Anderlecht immediately pushed Club Brugge back and created several good chances. Though the ball refused to go in on several occasions. The best one was for Lukaku, but his effort was cleared from the line.

Finally, the Mauves got what they deserved. On a corner kick, Juhasz put pressure on Donk, who headed the ball in his own goal.
The home side clearly wanted more, and kept on attacking. Brugge only had one chance before the break, with an effort of Blondel on the upright.

After the break, Anderlecht quickly doubled the lead when Van Damme centered for Suarez, who pushed the ball in. But the celebrations didn't last long. Dirar scored on a free kick two minutes later.

Anderlecht's iron grip on the game loosened due to lack of concentration. And when also referee Gumienny took one disputable decision after an other, the game turned into a battle.

When the visitors equalised, after again a strange decision of Gumienny, the fans went crazy. He offered a free kick to Brugge and eventually Donk scored. The players and the staff got frustrated and therefore, Anderlecht were unable to react. Donk also got red after a dangerous tackle on Kanu, but Anderlecht couldn't score anymore.

Result: 2-2
Goals: 16' Donk 1-0 (own), 54' Suarez 2-0, 56' Dirar 2-1, 82' Donk 2-2

Anderlecht: Proto, Gillet, Juhasz, Mazuch, Deschacht, Kouyaté, Biglia, Van Damme, Suarez, Boussoufa (87' Kanu), Lukaku (72' De Sutter)
Club Brugge: Stijnen, De Mets (46' Dirar), Donk, Hoefkens, Klukowski, Odjidja, Geraerts, Blondel (80' Lestienne), Perisic, Sonck (65' Vargas), Kouemaha

Yellow: Van Damme, Suarez, Perisic, Sonck, Lestienne
Red: 91' Donk (tackle)

Referee: Gumienny
Stadium: Vanden Stock

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