Kortrijk - Anderlecht 1-3

THURSDAY, 6 MAY 2010, 18:18 - Skyhawk
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Champion Anderlecht easily beat Kortrijk yesterday evening. The Mauves won with 1-3 and were never in trouble. At half time, the visitors were already leading thanks to goals of Van Damme and Boussoufa.

Anderlecht took a great start. Mbark Boussoufa hit the upright after just five minutes of play. Kortrijk could never threaten Anderlecht and after 30 minutes of intense pressure, the home side collapsed. Van Damme scored the 0-1 and a bit later Boussoufa doubled the lead.

Anderlecht also dominated the second half, but slowly lost their focus. This allowed Benteke to bring Kortrijk back into the game. The home side tried to take control overt the game, but Anderlecht ran into any problems.

Close to the end of the game, young talent Badibanga decided the match. A little later he also took his second yellow card and was sent off.

Result: 1-3
Goal(s): 29' Van Damme 0-1, 44' Boussoufa 0-2, 50' Benteke 1-2, 84' Badibanga 1-3

KV Kortrijk: Verbauwhede, Hempte (46' Oussalah), Ciman, Capon, Vandenbroeck, De Beule (87' Belhocine), Vrancken, Pavlovic, Kums, Ibou (77' Benko), Benteke.
RSC Anderlecht: Schollen, Deschacht, Bernardez, Gillet, Mazuch, Van Damme (59' Polak), Boussoufa, Biglia, Marecek (87' Diandy), Chatelle (74' Badibanga), Suarez.

Yellow: 77' Polak, 78' Bernardez, 83' Badibanga, 86' Badibanga
Red: 86' Badibanga (2x geel)

Referee: Flament
Stadium: Guldensporen Stadium

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