Anderlecht - Mechelen 5-0

MONDAY, 27 SEPTEMBER 2010, 13:57 - D.A.B.
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Anderlecht defeated KV Mechelen yesterday evening with a clear 5-0. Though, the Mauves were assisted by the fact the visiting team ended the game with just nine players. Ghomsi (25') and Biset (51') were sent off.

The home side took a slow start, but dominated the game nonetheless. Suarez had the first chance of the game, but his header went over. A bit later, that same suarez stole the ball from a visiting defender, centered for Boussoufa and he scored: 1-0.

Anderlecht became more confident after the goal and raised the pace and ball circulation. Suarez, clear through, was pulled down by Ghomsi who received the red card. The pressure mounted and Lukaku scored the 2-0, though referee Pots and his assistants had flagged for offside.

The second half was a lot worse. The pace was low and the Belgian champions were unable to create a lot of chances. Even against a nine men Mechelen (with Biset sent off for pulling down Lukaku at the edge of the box) they struggled. After 71 minutes, Gillet finally doubled the lead. From then on, the visitor's spirit was broken, allowing Anderlecht to score three more goals.

Result: 5-0
Goal(s): 17' Boussoufa 1-0, 71' Gillet 2-0, 74' Suarez 3-0, 79' Deschacht 4-0, 91' Legear 5-0

Anderlecht: Proto, Gillet, Mazuch, Juhasz, Deschacht (79' Lecjaks), Kouyaté (58' Legear), Biglia, Polak, Boussoufa, Suarez, Lukaku (76' Chavarria)
KV Mechelen: Renard, Chen, Pandza (49' Biset), Van Hoevelen, Ghomsi, Buyens, Geudens, Gorius (73' Vidarsson), Wilmet (85' Van Loo), Mununga, Benteke

Yellow: 44' Deschacht, 54' Gillet, 82' Mazuch, 86' Mununga
Red: 25' Ghomsi, 51' Biset

Referee: Tim Pots
Stadium: Constant Vanden Stock

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