Anderlecht can't take the three points in Athens

MONDAY, 8 NOVEMBER 2010, 17:56 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht got one point against AEK Athens. The Mauves forgot to finish the game and take the three points home. Especially in the second half, Anderlecht showed to be the better side.

AEK took the best start and created danger over the left wing, where Lecjaks, Deschacht's replacement, seemed to be napping. AEK couldn't score though and the Mauves only had one chance via Juhasz.

The second half started bad for Anderlecht. Juhasz made a light foul in the box and Blanco scored the penalty: 1-0. Anderlecht woke up and immediately pushed the home side back via an excellent Legear. Polak finished one his centers: 1-1.

After the equaliser, Anderlecht kept looking for the winning goal and had enough chances to score. But the Greek goalie Saja saved his team with several miraculous saves on efforts of Kanu, Lukaku and Suarez.

Boussoufa had to be replaced with a serious ankle injury. He'll be out for a few weeks.

Score: 1-1
Goal(s): 48' Blanco 1-0 (pen), 54' Polak 1-1

AEK Athens: Saja, Dadomo, Manolas, Nasuti, Patsatzoglou, Kafes, Lagos (73' Froxilias), Leonardo (65' Eder), Gentsoglou (86' Makos), Blanco, Djebbour
Anderlecht: Proto, Gillet, Juhasz, Mazuch, Lecjaks, Polak (78' Suarez), Kljestan, Kouyaté, Boussoufa (67' Kanu), Legear (90' Badibanga), Lukaku

Yellow: 13' Gentsoglou, 45+4 Leonardo, 80' Kanu, 82' Legear
Red: /

Referee: Kleber (Swi)
Stadium: Olympic Stadium

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