Anderlecht - Club Brugge 2-2

MONDAY, 8 NOVEMBER 2010, 18:06 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht and Club Brugge ended their clash on a 2-2 draw. The result is probably fair, seen over the whole game. Though especially in the beginning of the first half, a weak Anderlecht was completely over-played by a fast Brugge

The game started bad for the home side. After just five minutes of play, the visitors opened the score with a fast action. The whole Anderlecht defence seemed to be napping and paid the price for it: Perisic' effort was saved by Proto but Dalmat scored the rebound: 0-1.

Club gained confidence and Anderlecht didn't show signs of improvement. Both wings, with Gillet and Lecjaks, were overrun time after time. Geraerts was left alone in the center and scored when Van der Heyden, who had dribbled past his defender, centered: 0-2.

The Mauves were under more pressure and the visitors saw two more goals cancelled (correctly) because of offside.

Anderlecht woke up from their sleep after 30 minutes and started to create some danger. First there was a header of Legear and a bit later suarez missed an open chance. Short before the break, the Mauves really put pressure on Brugge and they cracked. Juhasz equalised with a header on a corner kick: 1-2. Three minutes later, Lukaku was sent into the box, he dribbled the keeper and scored the 2-2.

The second half was weaker with both sides afraid to concede a goal. Anderlecht had the best chances now. De Vlieger had to save several efforts of Lecjaks, Kanu, Suarez and Lukaku. Brugge countered and Proto had to prevent the winning goal on an action of Kouemaha. Also Perisic failed to score because of the Anderlecht goalie. Lestienne missed the rebound: his effort from outside the box went over an empty goal.

Score: 2-2
Goal(s): 5' Dalmat 0-1, 21' Geraerts 0-2, 43' Juhasz 1-2, 45' Lukaku 2-2

Anderlecht: Proto, Gillet, Mazuch, Juhasz, Lecjaks, Kouyaté, Kljestan, Kanu, Legear (89' Diandy), Suarez, Lukaku
Club Brugge: De Vlieger, Marcos, Van Gijseghem, Hoefkens, Van der Heyden, Geraerts, Odjidja, Dalmat (92' Vermeulen), Vargas (46' Lestienne), Perisic, Kouemaha

Yellow: 8' Kljestan, 13' Hoefkens, 11' Van der Heyden, 22' Perisic, 28' Suarez, 52' Kouyaté
Red: /

Referee: Serge Gumienny
Stadium: Constant Vanden Stock

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