RSCA - Oostende: 1-1 after a weak performance

MONDAY, 14 DECEMBER 2015, 11:17 - D.A.B.
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GAMES Anderlecht and Oostende both got one point out of yesterday's confrontation. The Mauves played a weak game and can be lucky with this point. The Anderlecht fans responded by chanting 'Hasi buiten' (Hasi out); a sign their patient is running out...

Oostende clearly didn't come to Brussels to defend and immediately took control over the match. The visitors were also the most dangerous in the first half, but the last pass wasn't always that good. Anderlecht on the other side didn't do much. They had their first chance after 25 minutes of play. A second one followed a few minutes before half time.

RSCA responded after the break and dominated during the first ten minutes. Suarez took advantage of this dominance and scored. Anderlecht kept looking for a second goal, but Oostende slowly restored the balance in the match and rapidly took command again. When Kara was excluded with a second yellow, Berrier scored on the resulting free kick. Down to ten men, coach Hasi seemed satisfied with one point and brought in an extra defender, much to the fans' dissatisfaction. Oostende still had a few chances to score the winning goal. And also Gillet could have do so on the other side. But the match ended in a draw.

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