Anderlecht unable to defeat weak Brugge

TUESDAY, 3 MAY 2011, 08:43 - D.A.B.
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Anderlecht can forget the title after a draw at home against Club Brugge. Painful missers in front of the goal made sure Anderlecht couldn't score out of at least five excellent chances...

The game started with a header of Veselinovic after just a few minutes of play. Coosemans saved. Not much later, Biglia was carried of the field when his should got dislocated. Though Anderlecht kept attacking and a weak Brugge couldn't even create one chance. Gillet's effort when right next to the post and Kouyate claimed a penalty when his was clearly pulled down in the box.

Suarez managed to miss in front of an empty goal when he was left alone around the penalty stop. Without any doubt the failure of the season...

In the second half, Brugge took the best start. There were a few chances and eventually Simaeys scored. Referee Vande Velde has seen something (but what?), so the score remained 0-0. Not much later Proto saved Vadis' effort.

Anderlecht took over again. Veselinovic was brought down in the box. A 100% clear penalty, but referee Vande Velde wanted to be the man of the match and denied Anderlecht a penalty once more. Close to the end Diandy's shot was cleared from the line and Veselinovic took an example from Suarez by missing alone in front of an empty goal...

Result: 0-0
Goal(s): /

Anderlecht: Proto, Lecjaks, Kouyate, Mazuch, Gillet, Kanu (72' Diandy), Biglia (7' Marecek), Kljestan, Suarez, Veselinovic, Lukaku
Club Brugge: Coosemans, Van der Heyden (88' Diaz), Donk, Van Gijseghem, Hoefkens, Odjidja, Geraerts, Simaeys, Perisic, Dirar (92' Vermeulen), Kouemaha (78' Akpala)

Yellow: 41' Simaeys, 61' Van der Heyden, 76' Veselinovic
Red: /

Referee: Joeri Vande Velde
Stadium: Constant Vanden Stock

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