"Anderlecht have everything except a clear system"

WEDNESDAY, 13 JANUARY 2016, 14:38 - Bacardiboy
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OPINIONS AA Ghent, Standard and Racing Genk are very active on the transfer market these days. At Anderlecht, there is less activity. They only signed Rafael Galhardo and have already announced that will be the only transfer. Is that the right choice? RTBF asked that question to its journalists.

Eby Brouzakis: "Anderlecht have a new defender now, but they still need a good striker and someone who can make Tielemans stronger. Trézéguet looks to be a good reinforcement as a winger. He is more than a plan B."

Manu Jous: "Anderlecht should still aim to sign a new central defender and an attacking midfielder. In my opinion, they are weaker than before the transfer period. I am curious to see Trézéguet on the pitch."

Thierry Luthers: "You can feel very clearly that this time the board does not want to buy players by all means. That seems fair to me if you look at the current squad. There was only a problem in the defence, which has now been sorted out by signing Galhardo."

Vincent Langendries: "If Galhardo adapts quickly to Belgian football and Trézéguet is able to show his skills, I think Anderlecht will do a good job. To me, Lukebakio has the potential to become the revelation of 2016."

Benjamin Deceuninck: "I believe Anderlecht have everything it needs to win the title. They have one of the best goalkeepers in Belgium, a stable defence, a talented midfield and four good strikers. Anderlecht do not need any new players. They need a clear system. That is the main job of Besnik Hasi: he has to come up with a playing system that is efficient. He needs to find the recipe to have his team play more consistently."


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