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Analysis: the way to POI

Analysis: the way to POI

We have already completed a third of the regular competition. Because looking backwards, the average Anderlecht supporter does not feel good these days, we look ahead to what awaits us. We take a closer look at the 20 remaining matches and see what might be needed to achieve POI. Read more »


Portrait: Peter Zulj

Portrait: Peter Zulj

Peter Zulj is the first real incoming transfer of this winter. Since in recent days and hours a lot of untruths and disagreeable information about the midfielder have come out, Anderlecht-online went a bit deeper. A portrait of 'the best player of Austria' and the role he can play at the biggest club in Belgium. Read more »


Opinion: Hein's plan

Opinion: Hein's plan

Anderlecht opened the season with six out of six and nine goals in two games. Purple-white is remarkably productive. Hein Vanhaezebrouck started both games with the same strategy. The plan-Gerkens. Read more »


Boskamp: "Only few transfers with added value"


Former Anderlecht coach Johan Boskamp criticizes the incoming transfers of Anderlecht. "Stanciu is a great players. Apart from him, I see only few players with an added value. Most transfers are not enrichment for Belgian football. On the contrary, they are blocking our youth", Boskamp states.  Read more »



Your opinion: who should stay, who should leave?

Your opinion: who should stay, who should leave?

The last couple of days, several media gave their opinion on who should stay at Anderlecht and who should leave. We won't do this ourselves, we leave this decision up to you. Please fill out our survey and let us know who you want in next season's squad. Read more »





Investments are paying off

Investments are paying off

Stéphane Badji, Alexander Büttner and especially Filip Djuricic did not need a lot of time to prove they are an added value for Anderlecht. And most important of all: they seem to bring the Mauves to a higher level. Read more »


"Badji is a beast"

Stéphane Badji moved to Anderlecht as a possible alternative for midfielder Leander Dendoncker. What can we expect from him? "Do not expect any technical tricks, but from a physical point of view he is just impressive", says Erdin Demir. Read more »


"Djuricic victim of formation"

Anderlecht were proud to present Filip Djuricic as a new signing, however critics raised some questions about the Serbian player. At Heerenveen he counted as the biggest talent of the Dutch competition, at SL Benfica it went totally wrong. Why? Read more »



"Tielemans? That's one ear in, one ear out"

Guillaume Gillet already stated in the past that Anderlecht have a serious attitude problem and other experienced players share his opinion. But who are they talking about? Youri Tielemans, is the conclusion of Flemish newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws. Read more »


Gillet worried: "Serious attitude problem"

Gillet worried:

Despite the fact that Guillaume Gillet left Anderlecht for Nantes he still has a clear opinion about the Mauves. In Sport/Voetbalmagazine he is hard for the team: "It is way too easy for the youngsters. They are too sure about their position in the team." Read more »


Sys: "Hasi needs to question himself"


Peter Vandenbempt was rather mild for Anderlecht coach Besnik Hasi, but Jacques Sys, editor-in-chief of Sport/Voetbalmagazine is more critical. In his opinion, not the team but the coach is the main problem at Anderlecht. Read more »


"Anderlecht have everything except a clear system"

AA Ghent, Standard and Racing Genk are very active on the transfer market these days. At Anderlecht, there is less activity. They only signed Rafael Galhardo and have already announced that will be the only transfer. Is that the right choice? RTBF asked that question to its journalists. Read more »